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US Coast Guard Auxiliary Sites

Other Federal Sites

National Aux Web Site
Chief Director of Auxiliary
District 13 Web Site
District 13 Director of Auxiliary
Division 8 Web Site
Light List, Notice to Mariners, est..- NAVCEN
Navigational Chart Info - NOAA
Hanford Reach National Monument



Charts and Navigation


Chart No. 1, Nautical Chart Symbols and Abbreviations. (Click here)

Chart Updates (LNM and NM Corrections) also updates for individual charts by following links at bottom of page.  

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Local Notice To Mariners

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NOAA Nautical Chart On-Line Viewer Pacific Coast

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NOAA BookletCharts (Click here)

NOAA Satellite and Information System (all you ever wanted to know about locater beacons and there satellite system

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Light Lists

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Coast Pilot 7 covers the rugged United States coast of California, Oregon and Washington, between Mexico on the south and Canada's British Columbia on the north. Coast Pilot 7 also includes Hawaii and other United States territories in the South Pacific.

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Safety Information  
PFD (Life Jacket) Selection, Use, Wear & Care
All you ever wanted to know about PFDs and more
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Washington State Parks Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Home Page
Boating Information
Mandatory Boater Education

Home Page
Water Access Points (Boat Ramps)

Non-Auxiliary / Non-Federal Sites
Boat and Boating Information from  West Marine: West Advisor
Benton County Boating & Water Safety laws  (click here)




Link to DCS Radio Tutorial

Take the Search Out of Search and Rescue
Get information about Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
Obtain free Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI)
Update your MMSI
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